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Intro to Defusion Lecture, Part 1

A few months ago I gave an introductory lecture on the ACT concept of defusion to a group of professionals that are participating in an online learning community called Practice Ground, led by Kelly Koerner, a well-known trainer of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Let me know if you have any feedback. I hope you enjoy them.

Below is the link to the audio of Part 1: 

Defusion: Part 1 Audio

Here are the powerpoint slides that I used in the workshop so that you can follow along as you listen to the recording. 

I'll post Part 2 in a few days. 

ACT Two-part Interview with Kenneth Cole

Dr. Kenneth Cole, Director of Training in Psychology at the VA in Long Beach, gives a nice interview on ACT as part of a podcast.  The interview is in two parts.

He provides an overview of where ACT has come from in terms of its history. He also differentiates it in some ways from more traditional CBT. He also refers to the hexaflex , the slang term for the ACT hexagon model, and provides an overview of at least some of the model. He discusses a bit about ACT for anxiety disorders. It's a really solid job in a brief amount of time and serves as a pretty good brief intro for those new to the therapy.  Fun to listen to.

See the links below for the two interviews:

Part 1

Part 2 

A Walk in the Forest: ACT and Ecopsychology

It turns out that if ecopsychology and ACT met on a mountain path, they would have quite a bit to say to each other.


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